Dexgreen Sealing Tape for End Cap Applications

Dexgreen Sealing Tape for End Cap Applications

The versatile Dexgreen Sealing Tape can be applied in a range of different ways to suit varying purposes. In this blog, we will look at how to use the sealing tape for end-cap applications. There are three simple steps to follow to use the tape for end-cap purposes:

1. Clean and dry the area of the cable to be repaired using PF Wet / Dry wipes prior to tape application (P/N 51300176). Cut a suitable piece of amalgamating tape for the cable diameter required and apply as shown, applying at least 60mm of tape on both sides of the cable. Dexgreen Sealing Tape Item Code: 51300206.

2. Flatten the tape over and fold it back onto the cable as shown. Press the tape firmly onto the cable.

3. Apply two layers of Electrical Tape number 23 using a 50% overlap starting and finishing a minimum of 60 mm before and after the amalgamating tape. Electrical Tape number 23 Item Code: 43300348.

To find out more about this process, as well as other possible applications for the Dexgreen sealing tape, please refer to pages 2 and 3 of the General Maintenance Quick Reference Guide.

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