UHDODF, 1200mm x 300mm x 2200mm, 21" rails

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The TC4050313DCE High-Density Optical Distribution Frame (HDODF), is developed to terminate and manage standard and high-density cable types. This flexible solution allows for the splicing and patching of high core count cables, and for managing pre-term distribution cables.

One of the main benefits of the WBT ODF single-sided access solution is its ability to be placed against walls, back to back, or at the end of aisles, requiring minimal floor space.

An integrated patchcord inter-connect system including rack (yellow duct) and intra-suite ducting allows internal patching and routing of patch leads to adjacent UHDODFs, avoiding the need to use external duct pathways. The UHDODF provides one of the key critical building blocks of a high-capacity, modular and scalable fibre network, therefore consideration of supporting cable types, patch cords, high-density trays are also recommended.

  • Protected cable entry system
  • Takes up to 38 x 1RU high-density panels. The ODF can also support various WBT high-density fibre trays / subracks, including 6008, 6010 series and other WBT panels
  • Suitable for MTP patching solutions and internal distribution cabling
  • Has a wide central 600mm x 300mm frame with 21” Mounting rails. (19” mounting adapters available).
  • 450mm wide patch cord management system — Series of guiding bollards efficiently manage long lengths of optical fibre cords; whilst maintaining the MBR everywhere at 30mm
  • Top and bottom patching internal ducts (Yellow ducts)
  • Distribution cables can enter via the top left or right-hand side of the UHDODF
  • Installation and mounting accessories supplied (P/N TC4050-310KITB)
  • Rack ESD point via 4mm banana socket and earth bond to the superstructure
  • Doors and side panels are available separately (TC4050-170DCKITE)
  • Can be used for Telecom exchange, MMR, Interconnection, Distribution and Data Hall Zone frames
Dimensions 1200mm (W) x 300mm (D) x 2200mm (H)
Weight Approx 107kg (+ 60kg - doors and side panels)
Materials Mild steel, Plastic
Colour White / Light Grey / Mannex black
  • Splice or patch Line/External fibres
  • Patching to active data racks
Patchcord type Max Patch cord / fibre capacity
Ø2mm Round Duplex 3,600x Patch cords / 7,200x Fibres
Ø2mm Simplex 3,600x Patch cords / fibres
Ø1.6mm Simplex 5,760x Patch cords / fibres
MTP/MPO Ø3mm 1500x Patch cords
Excess storage length per Patch cord 1.7 metres

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