6 & 9 x RRU Solutions

6 & 9 x RRU Solutions

6 & 9 x RRU Solutions

Warren & Brown’s innovative approach to wireless infrastructure cabling and connectivity has proven to not only reduce CAPEX and OPEX for network builders, but also to allow for easy and cost-effective installation. 
 Most modern wireless networks utilise a distributed base station architecture that physically separates the Remote Radio Unit (RRU) and Base Band Unit (BBU). The hybrid cable incorporates both optical fibre and power into the same cable design, minimising operational and installation costs while providing a secure way of quickly installing and upgrading the wireless network.

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Mobile junction box, 24 LCD, 6 x RRU

This terminal box, with MPO connectors is installed at a Remote Radio Unit (RRU) site and can feed 6 x RRU. The box is an externally mounted enclosure, allowing for an optical connection between the mobiles base station and 6x RRU.

• Plug and play
• IP66 weather-proof, UV resistant, enclosure
• Weather-proof cable gland entries
• Features high density MPO connectors
• Pole mountable using standard “band-it” straps, on stainless steel mounting brackets
• Wall mountable
• Meets all mobiles optical and physical performance criteria

Hybrid cable 9 DC, 3 x 12 MPO assembly


This 1 ¼” (Ø38.5mm) hybrid trunk cable on drum is pre-terminated as a part of the 6 RRU hybrid junction box. The 6 pair DC power connector is terminated in staggered lengths with cable lugs for quick and easy installation to the 6 RRU hybrid junction box. This pre-terminated solution is specifically designed for connecting up to 6 RRUs and provides a fast and effective means of adding extright angle wireless sectors at mobile base stations.

• 2 x 12 fibre MPO Optical connections
• 12 x DC copper cables (10mm²)
• Pre-terminated copper cables with lugs for quick and easy installation to Mobile junction box
• Custom trunk cable lengths to suit every site

Hybrid cable 6 DC and 2 x 12 MPO Assembly

The Hybrid Jumper Cables are used to connect VAC Hybrid Junction Boxes and the RRHs/RRUs at the mobile radio sites.



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WBT also provides 9 x RRU wireless solutions