Is your head in the cloud? Check these 4 solutions for Data Centres

Is your head in the cloud? Check these 4 solutions for Data Centres

Regardless of if you operate your own Data Centre, lease floor space or infrastructure within a Data Centre, or manage a small IT room, we have all experienced moments when we daydream about the network infrastructure we’d like to have in our hands, and the high level of performance and efficiency we could achieve.

With Warren & Brown Technologies (WBT) connectivity infrastructure, you can build the reliable and resilient high-performance network you’ve always planned:

1. Meet Me Room / Optical Fibre Entrance and Distribution Area

Industry-leading Optical Distribution Frames (ODFs), subracks, fibre patch panels and optical fibre patch cords with optional Grade connectors.

2. Optical Fibre Ducting Raceway

Over 400 components available, varying in sizes and colours. They simply snap together or are joined with “slotless” joiners, to provide a dedicated path for optical fibre cords. The LSZH material is flame retardant, protects against crushing and ensures that the fibre minimum bend radius is maintained.

3. HypaFOX Data Centre Solutions

This MTP®/MPO cabling solution provides the perfect balance between density and usability, up to 144F LC fibres in 1RU. This solution also promotes best practice in cable management, routing and usability.

4. HypaConnect Copper Solutions

The HypaConnect solution combines the latest optical fibre and copper structured cabling into a single solution offering, backed up by an optional 25-year certified site warranty.

Building the infrastructure of your dreams is much easier than you think, especially when you have the right technology partner here, in Australia.

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