Welcome to Warren & Brown Technologies head office in Melbourne

Welcome to Warren & Brown Technologies head office in Melbourne

Always wondered where the magic happens?

This is your chance to have a 360-degree view of our manufacturing and operations facilities in Melbourne, Australia, from anywhere in the world.

Everything is within reach. From where we design and develop innovative solutions to our 3D printing and prototyping equipment; visit the assembly room, walk through our optical fibre termination area and feel free to explore the warehouse.

The facilities you’ll see today commenced in 1921 when Warren & Brown Technologies (WBT) started its manufacturing operations in Melbourne. Over the years, we have successfully designed and produced a range of products for the telecommunications, automotive, medical, health and fitness markets.

As the company evolved and grew over the years, the technical team at WBT have continued to lead the way in designing and manufacturing telecommunications products and solutions, which have been deployed in countless networks around the world.

As we look towards the exciting future of the telecommunications industry, our history and experience gained over the last 96 years of operation ensure that we are well-equipped for the challenges and exciting times which lie ahead.

Without further ado, welcome to our Virtual Tour:

With headquarters and extensive operations in Melbourne, Australia, WBT also has offices and manufacturing facilities in the Philippines, India, Vietnam and New Zealand.

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