Wireless infrastructure for Private LTE networks

Wireless infrastructure for Private LTE networks

With consumers wanting to connect and access applications on the go, traffic flow over mobile networks continues to evolve and increase daily, with now over 50% of web traffic being transmitted via wireless networks. 

There is no doubt, 4G and now 5G wireless technology has provided a significant leap for consumers and business alike. 

Whilst telecom carriers continue to invest in mobile network deployments, a business case has also arisen for certain organisations to invest in deploying their own infrastructure to support mission critical applications and communications. Private LTE (4G/5G) networks have enabled business to better support and deliver connectivity for mission and business-critical applications in markets including Mining, Oil& Gas, Utilities, Defence and Government.  

Warren & Brown Technologies (WBT) Hybrid Fibre/power and RF connectivity solutions are also suitable for 4G/5G private LTE solutions and offer rapid deployment and reliability. In addition to commercial LTE, which is designed for mass use, WBT’s wireless infrastructure solutions can also support private LTE networks by providing a complete wireless infrastructure solution that enables cost-effective network deployment, whilst ensuring reliable and efficient network operation. 

Based on market-leading product development, innovation, reliability and knowledge, WBT's wireless infrastructure solutions provide outstanding benefits, including optimised network performance and network longevity.


How WBT solutions can support your Private LTE network

End-to-end solutions

Warren & Brown provides complete end-to-end Private LTE Solutions that offers flexible and scalable wireless network. Products include hybrid cable junction boxes and tail cables, hybrid feeder and junction cables, optical interface boxes, plug & play products, etc.

Rapid Deployment

Pre-terminated, plug and play products provide a faultless solution for wireless network operators. Each solution utilises industry standard connector interfaces to ensure reliable compatibility. This approach removes risk and intensive labour time from the field and instead improves reliability and efficiency.th Warren & Brown Private LTE, you can guarantee coverage at your facility, where public networks do not exist or for better coverage. 

Customer collaboration and solution design

The WBT team can work with you to develop and specify the wireless infrastructure you need to support your private LTE network, with solutions available to suit most RRU vendors, including Ericsson, Nokia and others.

Local Australian manufacturing

Local design and manufacturing facilities ensures flexibility and delivery speed, no matter the size or details of your project.


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