HypaFOX: The end to end MTP®/MPO cabling solution that has it all

HypaFOX: The end to end MTP®/MPO cabling solution that has it all

It’s 2018 and the need for speed and reliability places Data Centres around the world in a race to build networks that are resilient, scalable and ready for the future.

Compromising on density or usability is not an option anymore. Hyperscale Data Centres are a reality and passive solutions need to seamlessly drive efficiency to meet the requirements of current and future networks.

With the ability to support 10G, 40G and 100G transmission systems, the HypaFOX MTP®/MPO solution is the perfect balance between density and usability.

The solution is fully scalable and is able to be configured to support standard density, high-density and ultra-high density (144LC fibres in 1RU) applications.


  • Front access with LC and MTP® adaptors at the front of the cassette
  • Designed for use when rear cable access is not possible
  • Singlemode or multimode fibre options
  • High-grade LC or SC connectors
  • Fibre capacity: 12F, 24F and 36F
  • 8 fibre and 16 fibre options also available

Suitable for use with any WBT patch panel, including 300mm deep rack version.

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