Fibre optic cable supply from Warren & Brown Technologies. Custom requirements, optic fibre cable cut to order.

Fibre optic cable supply from Warren & Brown Technologies. Custom requirements, optic fibre cable cut to order.

Warren & Brown Networks provides fibre optic cable to suit various applications in outdoor and indoor environments. We also provide a local cutting and respooling service, ensuring that no large km MOQ’s apply, with fast production and delivery Australia wide.


Warren & Brown provides local stock availability of most common fibre optic cable types, including loose tube outdoor PE Nylon sheath, Indoor / outdoor tight buffered distribution and riser fibre optic cable, as well as breakout fibre cable.


Furthermore, other cable options, including Milspec, tactical, Steel Wire armoured fibre optic cable, ADSS cable, as well as other cable types are available upon request.

Speak to the sales team at Warren & Brown in relation to your next project and how we can support your network requirements.


Options available for Tight Buffered Optical Fibre Distribution/Riser Cable, LSZH:

Part Number Description
112x301 Singlemode G657A2, 6 fibres, yellow
112x224 Singlemode G657A2, 12 fibres, yellow
112x302 Singlemode G657A2, 24 fibres, yellow
112x300 Multimode OM4, 6 fibres, aqua
112x171 Multimode OM4, 12 fibres, aqua
112x172 Multimode OM4, 24 fibres, aqua
112x133 Multimode OM3, 6 fibres, aqua
112x233 Multimode OM3, 12 fibres, aqua
112x131 Multimode OM3, 24 fibres, aqua
112x214 Multimode OM4, 12 fibres, violet
112x215 Multimode OM4, 24 fibres, violet

 Other options available on request, e.g. OM3 and larger core counts


Options available for Breakout Fibre Optic Cable, up to 24 x 2mm simplex cables, LSZH sheath:

Part Number Description
112x09 Singlemode G652D, 2.0mm, 1 fibres, yellow
112x27 Singlemode G652D, 2.0mm, 2 fibres, duplex, yellow
112x156 Singlemode G652D, 2.0mm, 4 fibres, yellow
112x152 Singlemode G652D, 2.0mm, 6 fibres, yellow
112x153 Singlemode G652D, 2.0mm, 8 fibres, yellow
112x154 Singlemode G652D, 2.0mm, 12 fibres, yellow
112x155 Singlemode G652D, 2.0mm, 24 fibres, yellow
112x59 Multimode OM3, 2.0mm, 1 fibres, aqua
112x136 Multimode OM2, 2.0mm, 1 fibres, aqua
112x60 Multimode OM3, 2.0mm, 2 fibres, duplex, aqua
112x26 Multimode OM2, 2.0mm, 2 fibres, duplex, aqua
112x157 Multimode OM3, 2.0mm, 2 fibres, aqua
112x159 Multimode OM3, 2.0mm, 6 fibres, aqua
112x160 Multimode OM3, 2.0mm, 8 fibres, aqua
112x161 Multimode OM3, 2.0mm, 12 fibres, aqua
112x162 Multimode OM3, 2.0mm, 24 fibres, aqua


Options available for Outdoor Multi Loose Tube Fibre Optic Cable, blue nylon PE sheath:

Part Number Description
112x303 Singlemode G652D, 6 fibres, blue
112x304 Singlemode G652D, 12 fibres, blue
112x305 Singlemode G652D, 24 fibres, blue
112x306 Singlemode G652D, 48 fibres, blue
112x307 Singlemode G652D, 72 fibres, blue
112x308 Singlemode G652D, 96 fibres, blue
112x309 Singlemode G652D, 144 fibres, blue
112x310 Multimode OM3, 6 fibres, blue
112x311 Multimode OM3, 12 fibres, blue
112x312 Multimode OM3, 24 fibres, blue


Why you should choose Warren & Brown for your fibre optic cable needs:

  • Product availability and supply in days not weeks
  • Local manufacturing and fast supply
  • Choice of various cable types – tight buffered riser cable / distribution fibre cable / loose tube
  • All fibre optic cable is cut to length and respooled for transport
  • Fast Australia wide shipping


Find out more about our fibre optic cables, and how we can customise our solutions for you, on the WB Networks website! 

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